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Fission  Ethan Crenson
Atomic Records
For about ten years I have been developing a collection of 78 rpm records with songs on them about the atomic bomb, the cold war, the red scare, and McCarthyism etc. Not long after I started this collection I found that I was not alone in my enthusiasm for Atomic Platters. Eventually, I sought out Bill Geerhart, one of the founders of the phenomenal web organization Conelrad. He had been compiling a list of Atomic Platters for Conelrad. Over the years we have compared notes and traded information and recordings. As we did so the list grew to about twice its previous size. An outgrowth of this endeavor was the release of the definitive source on the subject Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From the Golden Age of Homeland Security, a five CD/1 DVD box set released on Bear Family Records. I was honored to provide assistance as a 'music consultant' on the Atomic Platters box set. To date my own collection of Atomic Platters numbers well over 150 with only a dozen or so known gaps that I hope someday to fill. I continue to search for records and do research when time permits. In these pages I will not list the songs in the collection as Bill Geerhart's list at Conelrad is exhaustive enough. You can refer to the other pages in this section for elaborations on the Atomic Platters theme. Songs on "Atomic Platters" are limited to mostly American, Canadian and British releases—all songs performed in English. On the Foreign Atomic Platters page is a list (in development) of songs made during the 78 rpm era in other countries and in languages other than English. There is also the Atomic Records discography, a gradual accumulation of data on the releases of the Atomic Record label of Hollywood California. Both pages are incomplete and I would gladly accept any information from visitors to this site that would serve to make either page more complete.