Ethan Crenson
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Orquesta Emisoras Fuentes
Foreign Atomic Records
The following records are mostly foreign pressings of songs written in response to the atomic bomb or Communism or both. Because there is little discographical information available on foreign labels and pressings (other than Canada and Great Britain) it is difficult to nearly impossible to date any of these records. Most fall between the advent of the bomb (1945) and the end of the 78 era (1960), with some notable exceptions. The Albrectovo Hudebni Trio's Kam pak na nas, Bolsevici? (Where are the Bolsheviki?) is an early Victor probably recorded in response to the Russian Revolution (and therefore a proto-atomic record). Another pre-atomic platter is Vapaa Wenäjä (Free Russia) by Otto Pykkonen. Visitors who can provide information about these recordings are invited to get in touch with me through the contact page.
Le Spirou AtomiqueJo Privat et l'orchestre du BalajoPacific MC 733(date unknown)
Ah! La Danse AtomiqueÉmile Prud'Homme et son Ensemble    Odeon 381.753(date unknown)
Kam pak na nas, Bolsevici?
(Where are the Bolsheviki?)
Albrectovo Hudebni TrioVictor 73822(date unknown)
Bombe Atomique, LaJean RigauxSolar 0857(date unknown)
Vapaa Wenäjä (Free Russia)    Otto PykkonenColumbia 3003-F    (date unknown)
Bombe Atomique, LaLili L'AbassiPacific 7040(date unknown)
Bomba Atomica, LaOrquesta Emisoras FuentesFuentes 0058(date unknown)
Atomica, LaTrio Taxqueño con GuitarrasPeerless 2738(date unknown)
Mambo AtomicMambochico y orquestraMonogram 303(date unknown)
Atomic BombSoham RifkiCalif 1111(date unknown)
NeutronKarel Vlach se svym orchestremSupraphon 15181(date unknown)
Atomic JazzRoyal Musette Danse
dir. by André Loyraux
(accordion: André Dauchy)
Europa 250 (France)(date unknown)
La Bombe AtomiqueLe Théatre des 3 BaudetsPolydor ?(date unknown)
La Bomba AtomicaCanario Y Su GrupoVerne V-0492(date unknown)