Ethan Crenson
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untitled eyes  Ethan Crenson
untitled (eyes)
brass bathroom fixtures and taxidermy eyes
approx. 3 in. tall
edition: open, signed on the bottom
Straddling the line between art and craft, these small sculptures are a assembled from antique bathroom hardware and artificial eyeballs produced for taxidermists. The towel rod brackets are scavenged from flea markets, stoop sales and antique stores, so there are variations in size, shape and patina. Perhaps they're silent, alien sentinels that can watch over the rest of your art collection.

wholesale slaughter  Ethan Crenson
Wholesale Slaughter sign
10 in. by 2 in.
edition 25, signed on the reverse

Addendum Multiple  Ethan Crenson
Turin Box (Addendum Multiple)
plexiglas, mousetraps, ping pong balls, instructions
12 in. by 12 in. 12 in.
edition 3

This multiple was produced in conjunction with the show "Framing My View" at Galleria Maze in Turin. The instructions (included) explain the proper use of the box. Each box contains one signed and numbered mousetrap.