Ethan Crenson
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Multiples and Editions  Ethan Crenson
 David Kramer
top: "Multiples and Editions" at the Front Room showing (from left) Cadence Giersbach, Living Room; Jeremy Slater ( ) record and ( ) print; Patrick Couder, This Is What You Do; David Shapiro, 12/05; Serge Onnen, Mouth; Serge Onnen, Silence Fence (wallpaper); Serge Onnen, 'on' Ultravox; Emily Roz, Mother Hippo Eating Baby's Head; Marshall Reese and Nora Ligorano, Party's Over wrapping paper. above: David Kramer, My Own Worst Nightmare ashtray

 Rik de Boe
Rik de Boe, TV

 Nelson Bradley
Nelson Bradley, Williamsburg Love Letter

 Paulo dos Santos
Paulo dos Santos, both untitled from the series "Chora, chora qu'a mamã compra"

 Serge Onnen
Serge Onnen 'on' Ultravox

 Glen Einbinder
Glen Einbinder, Dreamcards

Multiples and Editions
Front Room Gallery
January 19 - February 11th, 2007
with Edie Winograde, Anne Marie Wies, Piers Watson, Kathleen Vance, Jason Van Anden, Leah Stuhltrager, Anna Stein, Jeremy Slater, David Shapiro, Emily Roz, Tom Rosenthal, Matt Richards, Marshall Reese, Marcin Ramocki, Serge Onnen, Alexandra Newmark, Nora Ligorano, David Kramer, Chuck Jones, Cadence Giersbach, Robert Flynt, Celeste Fichter, Glen Einbinder, Paulo Dos Santos, Rik De Boe, Patrick Couder, Heidi Cody, Naval Cassidy, Nelson Bradley, Brian Block, Luca Bertolo and Daniel Aycock

Multiples and Editions is a new and ongoing program at the Front Room gallery. On January 19th an exhibition inaugurating this program opened with a gala reception. Multiples in the show inhabit the gallery as merchandise-for-sale permanently, or until supplies run out.

The work in Multiples and Editions (the exhibition) engaged two major opposing currents of the art market: rarification vs. mass-production in the creation of art. Each artist approaches this dichotomy differently. Some of the artists employ what are considered traditional art methods like etching and bronze casting. Rik De Boe, a Belgian artist, produced a photopolymer etching depicting the engine of mass markets–a television. Other artists turn to new commercial means and materials, like Heidi Cody, whose offset printed toilet paper reproduces cheap ads like those seen in subway cars; and Serge Onnen, who worked with a factory to make wallpaper that reproduces a single drawing as a seamless pattern of art-decor. Some, like David Shapiro and Alexandra Newmark, conflate the concept of the "original work" and the "editioned work" by copying and recopying a single drawing by hand, essentially becoming the printing press in the process. Still others turn to new internet businesses that quickly and cheaply produce customized "value added products". David Kramer produced an ashtray whose message speaks to the self-destructive leanings of its user; while Nelson Bradley subverts the pleasantries of commercial give-aways with rude messages on so-called "leave behinds".

The exhibition featured prototypes, working sketches and other supporting materials that relate to the multiples and editions. For instance, Glen Einbinder showed original sketches from the "Dreamcards, Science Times 2000" series. The multiple is a deck of 52 individually printed cards. Each card in the deck is based on a news story that ran in the Science Times section of the New York Times in the year 2000–one card from each week of the year. Edie Winograde, who produced a limited edition book compiling her photographs of reenactment pageants of historical events–from Custer's Last Stand to Lewis and Clark's Expedition–shows her original large scale photographs.

A printed catalog of the multiples is available at the gallery. The multiples and editions store occupies a portion of the Front Room gallery permanently and the gallery will actively seek new works to be added over time.

 Heidi Cody
Heidi Cody, Ads on TP

 David Shapiro
David Shapiro, nuts

 Ethan Crenson
cover of the Multiples and Editions catalog

Multiples and Editions
Multiples and Editions showing (from top left) Kathleen Vance, drawing for Cementreebar; Kathleen Vance, Cementreebar; Robert Flynt, two untitled works; David Kramer, My Own Worst Nightmare ashtray; Robert Flynt, [Your] Numbered Days; Daniel Aycock, Blissfully Unaware; Nelson Bradley, Williamsburg Love Letter; Nelson Bradley, Williamsburg Love Letter prototype; Heidi Cody, Ads on TP.