Ethan Crenson
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Exquisite Corpse Video  Ethan Crenson
above: Edie Winograde, Lynn Shelton, Ethan Crenson and Michael Joo.
Exquisite Corpse Video
running times: various
color, sound
participants include Amanda Alic, Edie Winograde, Brian Block, Lynn Shelton, Jeremy Slater, Steve Caruso, Dianna Ilk, Erin Courtney, Manuel Sander, Elizabeth Hansen, Richard Gordon, Stuart Hawkins, Syndi Pilar, Sean Hemmerle, Dylan Nolfi, Taryn Fitzgerald, Michael Joo, Rodger Stevens, Samara Umschweis, Daniel Aycock, Flavia De Souza, Tracy Simon and Ethan Crenson

Based on the surrealist drawing game, Exquisite Corpse Video was established as an artists' game in 1995. An artist 'calls the game' beginning with a short video laid down on a tape. The tape is wound back to 5-15 seconds before the end of the video and sent to the next artist, who views the cued tape and adds his/her segment.