Ethan Crenson
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Fission  Ethan Crenson
Addendum (to the video Fission)
running time: 7:13
color, sound
additional camerawork by Amanda Alic, Paul Desjarlais, Lynn Shelton, Julina Tatlock and Edie Winograde.

Addendum is part kinetic performance sculpture and part documentary style dramatic reenactement. The elements come together under the obsessive scrutiny of the camera lens. Mousetraps, ping pong balls...and glue traps (riffing loosely on the original demonstration and remaining somehow appropriate). The stage is set for a mini chain reaction. But the gluetraps destabilize the scientific significance of the demonstration. As a result all of the objects still have the aura of the destructive force of atomic fission, but they have also returned to their absurd utility.